How 2 Find People To Make Your Movie

It doesn't matter if your first movie is a two hour Hollywood blockbuster full of special effects or a two minute short aimed at a local competition, you need help.  You are going to need a load of other people to make this movie with you and this is where you need to know two things if you don't already.

1) Making movies is collaborative.  Everyone has a job to do and everyone counts.

2) There's no way you can do it all on your own.

So you've got a great idea for a movie and you've got the screenplay and you're thinking about going through the process of getting it ready to film.  Is this the time to start getting other people involved?  Yes, definitely!

For starters, getting your script onto film takes a load of work and now's a great time to get your future best friend and worst enemy on board.  You need a Producer.  Think of the Director as the artist and the Producer as the organizer and business person and you're getting the idea of what the two roles do.

If you have the luxury of involving your technical crew at this stage to discuss camera operation, lighting and sound, do it.

And finally, this is a great time to look for cast members.  Your principle actors are going to play the characters in the screenplay and now's the time you start getting under these characters' skins.

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