How 2 Find and Arrange Movie Locations

Locations are full of problems for the first-time movie maker but it's not difficult to avoid the pitfalls if you know what to look for. So when you're scouting for your locations, keep an eye on the following:

  • Traffic and other background noise - Every time you cut the audio, you are creating a cut in any background noise and this will be noticeable when it comes time to edit.There's stuff you can do in the edit to deal with this but it all adds time to the project. So the tip here is to find somewhere with as little background noise as possible.
  • Sunlight - Check the direction of the sun at different times of the day. If it's particularly strong and comes directly in through windows or reflects of surfaces this needs to be considered when filming.
  • Reflections - How many times have you seen a camera crew reflected In a window or off a shiny surface like a car? Keep an eye out for reflections all the time.
  • Interior echo - Some places just echo but if you're in room with a hard floor and very little in the way of sound absorbing furnishing, be aware that it will echo in there unless you deal with it with your own sound absorbing materials.
  • Members of the public - Ever seen a movie shot in a city and there's a group of people standing watching in the background? If you point a professional-looking camera at a group of actors you're going to get noticed so make sure you have someone on hand to ask watchers to politely move out of the shot.

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