How 2 Budget a Movie

The cost to make you movie needs to be estimated before you start filming. You need to consider the following:

  • Food and drink for cast and crew every day they work
  • Traveling expenses for anyone working for free
  • Cast and crew wages
  • Hire costs
  • Electricity, heating, water etc.
  • Media (film, tape, memory card etc)
  • Miscellaneous items

There will be loads of stuff that you could add to this list but the secret is always to keep costs down right? So when you're at the planning stage, look at where your costs could possibly exist and work out how to do it cheaper or for free.

For instance, borrow a friend's camera, make sandwiches yourself, beg people to help for free, make sure everything is done as quickly as possible (without sacrificing your creativity of course!) and use friends and family for extras and crew jobs that don't require expert knowledge.

Budgeting is really important though because if you blow all your money at the start and can't finish filming, your movie is dead.

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