How 2 Come Up With Movie Screenplay Ideas

So, where do you get your ideas for movies?

Ever been asked that one before? 

There are loads of ways to start a movie story. You could base the entire screenplay around an individual event that becomes pivotal to the finished story. You could take the punch line of a joke and extended it into a story. For aspiring writers the best question you can asks starts with, 'What would happen if..?'

Here are a few examples.

  • What would happen if you got fired on your birthday?
  • What would happen if you started to like someone other than your wife or husband?
  • What would happen if you kids had nightmares?

You could take this to any level with crazy questions like:

  • What would happen if time went backwards?
  • What would happen if you weren't who you are?
  • What would happen if no-one could speak?

Ideas are everywhere and another way of finding them is to sit down and just start writing about anything.  You'll be amazed at what comes out and what grabs you. But that is probably rule number one when it comes to writing a movie script. This is going to be a big part of your life for a long time so make sure it's about something that interests you and gets you up and out of bed in the morning. Don't write about hair cuts if you're into stock car racing.

Once you've identified a specific interest, start writing your movie about that and see if there's a dramatic tale that can be woven into that interest. James Cameron has a fascination with 'Titanic' but if you think about it, his film is not about the ship. It's about Rose realizing the value of her life after meeting and falling in love with Jack. Sorry if you've not seen the film but check out this movies download package. Once you've paid for the software, you never have to pay to download a single movie and it's all legal.

Rose is the main character who experiences personal growth and Jack is the catalyst. Her final fight for survival is one she wouldn't have had the personal strength to survive  at the start of the film. The ship is the setting and provides the adversity that the protagonist needs to  overcome but the movie 'Titanic' is definitely not about the doomed liner.

Ask your friends for ideas and get them to list their favorite films for you. Look at your own favorites and see what jumps out at you.

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