How 2 Write a Screenplay

The screenplay is the backbone of any movie and writing a movie script or getting the opportunity to film one that someone else has written is step one in your journey to The Oscars. 

Don't worry if you've never written a movie screenplay before because How 2 Make A Movie will cover the entire process and has a ton of ideas about the actual process of writing which many screenwriting text books don't give you.

We'll show you where to start if you've never written a screenplay or made a movie before. We've also got loads of ideas and tips for screenwriters who've already got a couple of movie scripts under their belt but haven't made a breakthrough yet.

The first thing you should probably know is that writing a good screenplay is hard for a few reasons as follows:

  • You need to get the formatting right so a good script writing software tool may be a big help. Check this one out.
  • You need to understand the structure screenplays often have and how to get your story into something close to that structure
  • You have to keep an eye on the main plot and a few sub-plots
  • You must make sure your characters don't do anything totally out of character
  • Dialogue has to be natural but not dull
  • Main characters should go through some form of personal growth

There are more but the point is that there's a lot to keep your attention on when writing a movie script so a system is very helpful. A lot of screenwriters swear by index cards to play with scene order and a good screenplay software tool can be very helpful here too.

We'll be adding loads more information here but we'll also be launching a screenwriting course in the next few months that will take you through the process in a series of lessons. Each one will also get you to put the lesson into practise and write part of your screenplay. By the end of the course, you end up with a complete first draft of your movie script.

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