How 2 Earn Money From your Movie

When it comes to making money from your movies, most people think cinema or DVD. Both are obvious but very few people make it into the first and the second has a 'straight to DVD' stigma attached to it for some people.

Well, the future is bright and different. There are those that say the DVD is dead and when you look at movie download sites and PC TV delivery services like this, then it's not difficult to see why this is being talked about. But the Western world often continues to progress while other countries happily consume vast quantities of the old technology for years to come so we shall see how things change.

What's really important is the opportunities for film makers because most are on the internet or able to be promoted by the internet. This is often where some good online marketing support comes in handy and we suggest Rumko Internet Marketing because they're experts at online promotion and developing an online fan base.

If you can take the size and complexity out of the internet proposition and position yourself carefully with an agreed target audience, Rumko Internet Marketing can help you make an impact and sell your work.

It won't be overnight for most movie makers but who knows when the production team behind the next 'Paranormal', 'Blair Witch Project' or 'El Mariarchi' will appear on the scene? The real tragedy would be if it was you and no-one noticed. 

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