How 2 Prepare to Edit

At the end of a shoot of a short movie of just ten minutes, you could easily have filmed over 150 shots for a fast moving story. Each shot may have an average of three takes but up to ten with an issue with dialogue, lighting etc. You could also have shot a minute for each take as an example. That gives you six and a half hours of footage. 

Imagine trying to locate the best take of the shot where your star leaves the cafe and gets into her car, without knowing what shot number it was and which take. At least you have the advantage of being able to watch the video footage to find it but imagine trying to find the audio to go with it without reference points.

So, as a minimum:

  • Give your editor a list of every shot and each take
  • Makes sure each has an audible clap (ideally from a clapper board) at the start to help synch sound and video
  • Mark your favorite take for each shot and include any comments made on set

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